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Special Needs Assistant Requirements Essay Example

Special Needs Assistant Requirements Essay Example Special Needs Assistant Requirements Essay Special Needs Assistant Requirements Essay Dec 2008 How do I become a Special Needs Assistant? Special Needs Assistants. Job Description Special Needs Assistants are recruited specifically to assist schools in providing the necessary non–teaching services to pupils with assessed educational needs. Their duties are assigned by the Principal acting on behalf of the Board of Management. Their work is supervised either by the Principal or another teacher as determined by the Principal. Those duties involve tasks of a non-teaching nature such as: . Preparation and tidying up of classrooms. 2. Assisting school children to board and alight from school buses. Where necessary travel as escort during school hours on school buses may be required. 3. Special assistance as necessary for children with particular difficulties e. g. helping special needs pupils with typing or writing or computers or other use of equipment. 4. Assistance with clothing, feeding, toileting and general hygiene and being mindful of health and safety needs of the pupil. 5. Assisting on out-of-school visits, walks, examinations and similar activities. 6. Assisting the teachers in the supervision of pupils during assembly, recreation and dispersal from the classroom for one reason or another. 7. Accompanying individuals or small groups who may have to be withdrawn temporarily from the classroom for one reason or another. 8. General assistance to the class teachers, under the direction of the Principal, with duties of a non-teaching nature. (Special Needs Assistants may not act as either substitute or temporary teachers. In no circumstances may they be left in sole charge of a class or group of children). 9. Participation with school development planning, where appropriate, and co-operation with any such changes with policies and practices arising from the school development process. 10. Engagement with parents of special needs pupils in both formal and informal structures as required and directed by school management. 11. Other duties appropriate to the grade as may be determined by the needs of the pupils and the school from time to time. Special Needs Assistants may be re-assigned to other work appropriate to the grade when special needs pupils are absent or when particular urgent work demands arise. Qualifications required: The minimum level of qualification required is a Junior Certificate with passes in English, Maths and Irish. In reality many SNA applicants will have further qualifications such as the FETAC level 5 SNA certificate (single subject or full award) or the FETAC Level 5 qualification in Childcare. Some may also have third level qualifications in related fields such as Montessori, Early Childhood Education or Psychology. Experience Relevant work experience with children is very important. This can include time spent as a volunteer in a homework club, summer camp leader, sports coach, as well as being active in your childrens’ school, for example in the parents association. More information on working as a SNA is available in the Education Personnel section of the Dept of Education Science website www. education. e or from AEGIS. Local Courses. FETAC level 5 Special Needs Assisstant single subject certificate courses have been offered as a part-time course in Abbeyleix Further Education Centre and Portarlington Adult Education Centre. Check www. laoisvec. ie Portlaoise College offers a full FETAC level 5, Special Needs Assistants course as well as a Childcare programme at the same level. www. portlaoisecollege. ie Information taken from Dept of Education Science Websi te www. education. ie and INTO website www. into. ie

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child labour in the 19th cent. essays

child labour in the 19th cent. essays The abuse and misuse of children being exploited in jobs has to be put to an end. Children of this century are no longer treated as the beauties of the world but are viewed as cheaply paid workers. Some employers are paying low wages or no wages at all, while others force children to work excessive hours. If the exploitation is severe enough, permanent physical, psychological, intellectual, social and moral damage, even death can result. A heartless attempt to gain wealth is costing America its children. To attack child labour in America, the causes, the conditions and the laws must be radically addressed. There are many reasons for America accepting child labour, the main cause being economic. Until now, the public has not been informed of the severity of the problem and have had no available statistics to inform people. During this time our strict puritan belief of hard work has justified the practice of child labour. As the number of factories has grown, the more people the factory owners need to tend to them. Since there is a lack of employers, they have to rely on the work of children. After the war when the South had fallen under the control of conservative Democrats, large social and economic problems remained. As the South was urged to build a new south and a solid industrial establishment, child labourers answered their calls. At first most people believed that employing children was beneficial to the community because it kept adolescents out of trouble , gave them maturity and provided some extra money for their families. Considering that most adult employee have be en replaced by children the working cycle has enlarged. The children of the poor are being forced by economic conditions to work. Housing is needed to accommodate the over-flow of workers since they cant afford their own accommodations. They have no choice but to live in company-owned housing built along wi ...

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Wal-Mart at the New York Stock Exchange Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Wal-Mart at the New York Stock Exchange - Essay Example The company is one of the biggest retailers in the world and deals in various products ranging from food items and clothing to electronics and pharmaceuticals. It operates in three business segments – Walmart US, Walmart International and Sam’s club. The company has operations in all states of the US besides 11 other countries including the developing economies like China and India (50). Ernst and Young LLP are Wal-Mart’s independent auditors. The auditors in their report have stated that the internal controls over the financial reporting are satisfactory and as per accounting principles as of January 31, 2011, and that the statements presented in the annual report provide the fair financial position of the company as a whole for both the years 2010 and 2011. Industry outlook The retail industry is one of the most competitive and unpredictable industries. With the world becoming a global village, it has become imperative that organizations in this sector reach ou t to unexplored geographical locations earlier than their competitors to take advantage of the new markets. For this, they need to be quick to adapt to the new cultures of these markets. This sector also has competition from technological innovations in communication. Since it has now become easier to get in touch with the customer through the internet, companies need to utilize these facilities to the fullest and at the earliest. Environmental concerns are also the issues which the companies in this sector cannot ignore. Future plans As per the CEO, Duke â€Å"the company has five-point priorities – growth by adding customers†¦..expanding the company sustainability effort† (D’Innocenzio and Bartels). Expansion within the US remains his top priority as well. The company plans to increase its Sam’s Club membership by improving the customer experience for its members. They also plan to increase transparency is the price. Wal-Mart is also planning to ex pand web presence to more geographical locations. Wal-Mart US is experimenting with new formats and is planning to launch Walmart Express to start with. Walmart international is targeting to increase new space by 23 to 24 million square feet in emerging markets this year. Income Statement analysis The company uses multi-step income statement. The company’s gross margin was at 25.26% in 2011 as against 25.4% in 2010. This shows that the gross profit did not show much change as a percentage of sales over the two years. In absolute numbers, the gross profits for 2011 and 2010 (in millions) were $106,562 and $103, 641respectively. Income from operations before income tax (in millions) was $23,538 in 2011 and $22,118 in 2010. The increase in both these incomes is attributable to increased sales due to its expansion into new markets and increase in the number of stores. The company increased its floor space by 3.4% during the financial year 2011 (Annual Report 17). The favorable ex change rate also helped the sales figure to increase (17). One more reason for this increase is the reduction of the effect of the financial crisis in US markets. Cash Flow statement analysis Cash Flow statement shows that the net cash (in millions) provided by the operating activities for 2011, 2010 and 2009 was $23,643, $26,249 and $23,147 respectively.